The Red House Academy




Each day, The Red house Academy educators provide opportunities for independent discovery, cooperative learning and generous outdoor playtime for your child. The staff goes above and beyond to meet the needs of your children. They are compassionate and caring and create a nurturing environment for both the children and their families.


Our Mission


The Red House Academy’s preschool programs are based upon the principles of developmentally appropriate practice. Our goal is to provide opportunities to succeed by engaging, enriching  and enjoying throughout the year.

Our Philosophy


At The Red House Academy, we approach teaching with a child-centered philosophy.  We believe that every aspect of a child’s personality, be it social, cognitive, physical, emotional, or spiritual, should be touched or challenged in some way during his or her journey with us.  Each of these areas is interrelated, and in a relaxed and rich learning environment, these aspects can naturally integrate to create maximal and effective learning.
We believe that children are capable and eager learners. We support their need for hands-on, meaningful activities and are advocates for the importance of play. Through play, children learn the rules of society; they work out emotional problems and develop imagination. In play, children learn how to share, to negotiate, to collaborate, and how other people feel; they formulate, test and revise theories about the world around them. While they play, they are masters of their own world — they are in charge. We consider these years critical, not only for the world of knowledge waiting to be learned, but because basic attitudes are being formed — about their world, people with whom they are in contact, and most of all, about themselves.
Each child is valued and respected as a person. We are committed to help children learn problem-solving skills, to become responsible for actions taken and to develop increased control over body and mind. Emphasis is on the whole child. Our staff, composed of skilled, caring teachers trained in early childhood education, is committed to helping each child reach their full potential in the emotional, social, physical, creative, intellectual and cognitive domains.
We are dedicated to establishing strong connections between children and their peers, children and staff and staff and families. At The Red House Academy adults and children are partners in creating meaningful curriculum and growth experiences.
Our goals for the preschool child are:

  1. To develop a positive self-esteem.
  2. To develop awareness of, and sensitivity to, others.
  3. To become a responsible person to self and others.
  4. To develop social skills.
  5. To develop verbal skills with peers and adults.
  6. To develop perseverance and problem-solving skills.
  7. To develop cognitive skills.
  8. To learn to make choices.
  9. To share.
  10. To listen and follow directions.
  11. To finish a job begun.
  12. To develop a sense of wonder and curiosity.
  13. To develop an awareness of health and safety practice.
  14. To develop interest in creative arts (music, body movement, crafts, dramatic play).